Lake Lewisville Guide – Steve’s Fishing Magic

I had a great day fishing. Today I guided for Hybrids and Sand Bass on Lake Lewisville and The fish were biting good, we put plenty of hybrids and Sand Bass in the boat. While fishing we had a great surprise guest. A large Flathead took my young customers bait. It was fight till the end. This Flathead Catfish put up a special kinda of fight.  I catch Flathead Catfish often, and can guide my customers to fish.  They are not as prevalent or as easy to catch as Blue Catfish but they are know for pulling hooks breaking lines and putting up huge fights.  Flathead Catfish are all about brute force and there muscular bodies are built for swimming.  Flathead Catfish are predator fish so they prefer live bait and lures.  If your interested in catching a Flathead let me know.  If there is one lurking I will put you on him.  More about Flathead Catfish

Flathead CatFish
Flathead Catfish, Lake Lewisville guided fishing tour.