Lake Lewsiville Hybrids

Lake Lewisville Trophy Hybrid Bass
Lake Lewisville Trophy Hybrid Bass

Another fine day of Lake Lewisville fishing.  Check this sweet trophy Hybrid we nailed Friday.

Lewisville Texas – Hybrid Bass Still Hot

Trophy Fish
Fat Lake Lewisville Hybrid Bass

Another great day of Lake Lewisville fishing with an awesome mess of Hybrid Bass.  Check out these fat Hybrid Bass we found today.  I am still killing the Hybrids, Sand Bass, Crappie and Blue Cats, so if your looking for a Lake Lewisville fishing guide that can put you on the fish, give me a call today.  If you want the best Hybrid Bass Guide call me today.

Killing the Hybrids – Lewisville – Hybrids and Sand Bass

Killing the hybrid bass
Killing the Hybrid Bass

We killed the hybrids and the Sand Bass out on Lake Lewisville today.  The Weather got good today and the fishing got good with it.  Check out all those fat Texas Hybrid Bass and Sand Bass.  We caught our limits today and started throwing fish back.  If you wanna get worn out on some hybrids, now is a real good time to book a trip.  Those Sand Bass are magnum size and those hybrids are trophy’s, what a great day of fishing.  This guy looks like he robbed the fish bank?

Christmas Sand Bass – Lewisville Texas

Christmas Sandies

I don’t really take days off, so if you want to fish give me a call.  We found a nice mess of Hybrids and Sand Bass on Christmas Day. It was a great day of fishing out on Lake Lewisville with that awesome December weather.  The Sand Bass and Hybrids were hitting hard, and I am tearing up the Blue Cats too.  If you need to stock your freezer with some sweet Sand Bass and Hybrids then come fish Lake Lewisville with me.  Photo taken at the Lewisville Fishing Barge by famous Lewisville Texas Fishing Guide, Steve Schiele.

Monster Blues

50lbs Blue Catfish

These monster Blue Cats were caught yesterday on Lake Lewisville.  If you like fishing week ends, I do have some weekends open right now.  We caught some monster Blue Catfish out on Lake Lewisville on my last guided trip.  We’re killing these blue cats right now. Conditions are approaching near perfect for Blue Cats, with the right amount of wind for drift fishing.  If you have been waiting for the right weather to catch a Big Pig Blue give me a call now and grab a guided trip.

Lake Lewisville Fishing – Hybrid Bass and Sand Bass


Hybrid Bass and Sandies

Lake Lewisvile may be a little high, but the hybrids are still hungry.  We caught this awesome mess of Hybrid Bass out on Lake Lewisville today.  If your looking to hook up with some nice Hybrid bass or a big mess of Sandies now is a good time to stock your freezer.  My guys got these sweet hybrids and an awesome mess of Sandies for the fryer today.  There isn’t much traffic on the Lake right now and the hybrid bite is good, if not excellent.  It looks like the weather is going to hold out for awhile, so if your after Hybrids, Sandies, Blue Cats, Crappie, or Large Mouth give me a call and lets hit the lake.  Lake Lewisville Fishing is at its best right now, so call today.

Still Catching Fish

Hybrid Bass

I just wanted to post and let everyone know that most of the ramps are closed on Lake Lewisville. I do still have access to the lake, and I am still fishing. The fishing is really good right now and there are no other boats on the lake to bother us. If you’re looking to catch Big Hybrid Bass, Sand Bass, Crappie or a Monster Blue Catfish give me a call today.

Record Blue – Catfish – Lake Lewisville Guide

80 lbs pound cat fish

Today, was the first day of my Blue Catfish lake lewisville guided tours. I run Blue Catfish guided trips for the winter months. We landed this blue catfish fish today, and this was one fat pig. We caught this monster and released him to fight another day. This fat cat is still swimming around in Lake Lewisville. Everything I am fishing for is of the hook right now, were catching it all, big Hybrids 10+lbs, fat Crappie, to trophy Blue Catfish. If you want to go fishing get with me now, because were catching it all. Look at this monster blue, I chased down today.


Hybrids and Sandies

Company Fishing TripThe weather is great and the fish are loving it.  The hybrid action has been hot and the sand bass are hot also.  Its the perfect time of year to come out and go fishing.  The great weather wont last forever so give me a call and lets set up a time to go fishing.

Stuffing Live Wells with Hybrids

Hybrid Bass

Today was another great day of fishing on Lake Lewisville, the weather is great and the fish are really biting.  We are stuffing the live wells full of hybrid bass and sand bass every day.  The higher lake levels at Lake Lewisville are really making for excellent fishing.

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