Lake Lewisville Fishing – Blue Catfish – Channel Catfish

Lake Lewisville Fishing – Blue Catfish – Channel Catfish

Lake Lewisville Fishing - Blue Catfish - Channel Catfish

Lake Lewisville is an exceptional lake for Blue Catfish. I enjoy putting my clients on large trophy sized fish. Blue Cats are a species of Catfish that are found in lakes and rivers in much of the Southern US. Blue Catfish are known for their "HUGE" size. Blue Catfish have been caught up to 143 pounds. The Lake Lewisville record for Blue Cat is 63 pounds, although larger fish are caught every year. I know we break the 63-pound record often, but the process of getting your fish certified would mean stopping your fishing trip and looking for an official scale. I use cut bait for blues, small cut Perch or Brim with exceptional results. Hooking into a large Blue Catfish can be the fight of your life, their size and mass make them an excellent target for trophy freshwater fishing. There are lots of big Blues in Lake Lewisville. Slot limits and conservation help to maintain the fish population. Blue Cats are also excellent fish to eat, although it’s best to release the large ones. When the fish reach a certain size, they are not as good for eating. The larger fish are also most efficient at reproducing and provide fishermen with a large fish experience in a freshwater environment. Blue Catfish can be caught all year long. There are certain times of the year that are better for producing trophy-sized fish. Certain weather conditions and water temperatures are known to enhance the bite. If you’re interested in catching a Lake Lewisville Catfish Guide give me a call to set up a Blue Catfish Guided tour. Read More

Channel Catfish


When fishing for Blue Cats we sometimes catch Channel Catfish. The Lake Lewisville record Channel Catfish is 22.68 pounds. Channel Catfish are also excellent fish for eating and make great fish fry's. If you are interested in a trip for just Channel Catfish let me know. I also target Channel Catfish directly.


Catfish identification is pretty simple, Blue Catfish are usually much larger than Channel Catfish. Blue Cats have a consistent gray blue color and are usually much larger than Channel Cats. Channel cats can have dark spots and may have some yellow coloring. If you need help Identifying a Catfish click the link below for the Texas Catfish Identification Chart.

Texas Catfish Identification Chart


*For blue catfish, length limit is a 30- to 45-inch slot. Blue catfish 30 inches and less or 45 inches or greater in length may be retained. Only one blue catfish 45 inches or greater may be retained each day. For channel catfish, minimum length is 12 inches. Daily bag limit = 25 blue and channel catfish in any combination. For flathead catfish, minimum length is 18 inches and daily bag limit = 5.

Lake Lewisville Blue Catfish