Texas fishing experience – Blue Catfish

Lewisville Blue Catfish
Lewisville Blue Catfish

Guided Fishing is a great way to experience Blue Catfishing. Blue Catfish are one of the largest fish that inhabit Lake Lewisville. They commonly reach up to 80lbs. When fishing for Blue Catfish cut bait is often used. Trophy sized Blue Catfish can put up a real fight. Sometimes a large fish can pull a hook or break the line. In order to land one of the big ones it’s best to play the fish keeping tension on the line and let him take some drag till he wears down. You won’t catch a really big blue until he is ready to be caught. Take your time when you hook a big one and don’t be overly anxious to get him in the boat.

Blue Catfish feed on live and dead food, they are opportunistic feeders. They bite year round on Shad, Brim and other schooling bait fish. Blue Catfish give anglers a large fish opportunity on North Texas fresh water lakes. They are prolific in most North Texas lakes. Good conservation and slots limits ensure a health population of Blue Catfish on Lake Lewisville.

During the winter months when the tempeture of Lake drops below 45 degrees a winter kill event occurs. Thread Fin Shad do not tolerate the cold water and start to die. The dying Shad drop to the bottom and feed on by the blue cats. Once this starts to occur Blue Catfish will com from all over the lake gorge them self’s on the dying Shad. This is a perfect opportunity to catch large trophy sized catfish.

Depending on the time year different techniques are employed to catch big Blues. Where ever you find large schools of bait fish and moving water you can be sure there will be some Blue Catfish hanging around waiting for an easy meal.

On guided fishing trips for trophy Blue Catfish trips you can experience the fight of these extreme fresh water fish.