Lake Lewisville Flathead Catfish Guide – Dallas Texas

Lake Lewisville Flathead Catfish Guide – Dallas Texas

FlatHEAD Catfish

I don't often target Flathead catfish directly. They mainly feed on live bait, they are not scavengers or opportunistic like others types of catfish. They are predator fish and prefer live bait, or lures that mimic live bait. There is a healthy flat head population in Lake Lewisville. I often catch Flathead Catfish when targeting other species of fish. Flathead Catfish are powerful fish and put up a huge fight. When you hook a Flathead, you may think you are hung up on a stump on the bottom of the lake. Flathead are edible depending on their size. Young fish are best at the dinner table, while larger trophy fish build up of toxins and become tough. Preparation is important when preparing a flat head for eating. Some people bleed the fish or brine the fish to reduce gaminess. Smaller fish below 20 pounds are great eating and don't take a lot of special preparation. Pound for pound flat heads are one of the best fighting fish in the lake. They are truly the king of cats. If your looking for a Flathead Catfish guide let me know. I have been known to put my customer on these fish.

Other Names

Yellow Cat, Opelousa Catfish, Opp, Appaloosa Catfish, App, Pied Cat, Shovelhead Cat


Falthead Catfish are easily identified by their long slender shape. Flatheads also have a flat head and a yellow or brown color. They are large fish and grow over a 100 pounds.


*For flathead catfish, minimum length is 18 inches and daily bag limit = 5

Yellow Cat