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Understanding Copyright Laws:

Making website copy is hard work and is an expensive process. If you copy from someone else’s copyrighted website for your own personal benefit you are stealing someone else’s property. Copyright applies the moment pen is put to paper or finger to key board. How would you feel if you spent countless hours of time only to have someone copy your work and use it for their own gain? I fully own the text and works on my website. You broke copyright laws when you took text from my website and used it for your own personal benefit. Even though you made slight changes you are still in violation.

Unfortunately, instances of plagiarism on your site are growing daily.

What can be done about plagiarism? Lots of stuff. You had better do your research!

*You will be required to discontinue use of marketing material from my websites, &

Material in question: "fishing memories that last a life time" <-On my home page: June ‎16, ‎2016

Your Facebook Post in Question:

  • February 20 at 12:21pm 2017: your trips more memorable
  • February 16 at 5:48am 2017: create memories you'll never forget
  • February 14 at 2:23pm 2017: Create those memories
  • January 22 2017: create memories that will last a lifetime
  • December 14, 2016: Creating memories
  • You even made a hash tag out of it, you liked it so much: #fishingmemories

On my home page since 09/27/2015:

I am a full time Lake Lewisville fishing guide, fishing 7 day a week

On your home page:

"We are Dallas’s #1 full-time fishing guide service offering fishing charters & trips for your family, friends, clients, and/or business co-workers to come out and enjoy some fishing 7 days a week"


"We are a full-time fishing guide that fishes 7 days a week."

"We are a full-time fishing guide that offers fishing charters on many lakes throughout North Texas."

Steve's Professional Guide Service has been making fishing Dreams come true for, friends, family & fishing enthusiast for over 31+ years. <-My site, now your using this tagline as well.

I have reviewed other Lake Lewisville fishing guides sites, and found no instances of copied material.

*There are many more instances of this activity, its in your facebook post, website, and videos. All of this material must be removed!

They say imitation is a form of flattery, but its time to get your own ideas.

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